Engine overhaul company Postma remains timeless

In 1985, just buying a new motorcycle was not yet commonplace. Poor stock and therefore very long waiting times caused Hendrik Postma to end up in the engine overhaul. With his experience, love for and vision on engine technology, he made a start in 1985 with his own company in this.

Without staff, Hendrik started in Nijemirdum in a small garage to flatten cylinder heads. The word of mouth did its job and soon the work expanded to overhauling all types of engines for both the road and the autocross. After 5 years, the small scale of the engine overhaul company came to an end. A shed was built in Nijemirdum and the workforce had also grown to 4. As a result, other markets were tapped as both the agricultural and marine engines were given a prominent place during the daily work. But what do you want with a lot of farmland around you and the many boats that water-rich Friesland has? In other words, all engines that visited the workshop went back to their owners smoothly.

In 1995 a major change took place by moving the accommodation from Nijemirdum to Balk. The new industrial estate, Eigen Haard, was one of the first companies in the engine revision company Postma. Since this time, Postma can also speak of a specialization in overhauling VW / Audi, Renault, Opel and Peugeot engines. But gasoline, diesel or gas it still makes no difference for Postma who can repair all engine types from crankshaft to valve cover.

The growth in work and personnel continued over the years and in 2015 there are already 3 industrial halls showing off in which the workshop, warehouse and motorsport department are located. The 5-man staff find their way to Balk every day and see the large variety of engines within the company pass by on a daily basis. In addition to overhauling engines, there is also a modern machine park with which all the operations required to get an engine in optimum condition are present.

Since 2017, Postma has several online platforms where various new, overhaul & used engines and car engine parts are offered:

Core activities of Postma engine overhaul are:

• Webshop online sales of car engine parts
• Drilling and honing of cylinder walls
• Surfaces and extortion
• Grinding the valves
• Milling seats
• Crankshaft grinding and balancing
• Test injectors
• CNC Milling

In addition to the aforementioned work, Engine overhaul company Postma is also the right place for exchange engines, revision engines, exchange injectors, used injectors, exchange & overhaul common rail fuel pumps. Large batches of engines are therefore regularly purchased, making it easy to check the stock of revision and partial revision engines via their database.

Diesel technology has made a huge leap in recent years and Postma has not been left behind. The company has mastered the modern technologies that are hidden in these engines. Following external training courses for this ensures that the secrets that these engines brought with them are a thing of the past.

You can also go to Engine revision company Postma for the purchase and sale of engine parts such as:
• Pistons
• Bearings
• Gaskets
• Cylinder heads
• Valves

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